Developing Human Connectome Project Logo

These are the results of my project to animate the logo for the developing human connectome project (dHCP). The goal was to engage the viewer with the animation. Click on the images for the animation to run.

dHCP logo (Blender)


This animation created using Blender, which includes SAM (small animated manikin), has been used in presentations aimed at scientists, clinicians and the general public. In the animation using Blender, the movement and growth of the balloons closely resembles the changes of the human brain in the early stages.

dHCP logo (POVRAY)


This was the initial version of the brain forming using ray tracing technology. It does not include an animated figure, nor does the brain form 'accurately'.

Brain networks

The visualisation of research is an important aspect when trying to engange viewers. The idea of viewing the brain as a network, however, is rather abstract. These animations, made using PovRay, were used to convey the basic ideas of brain networks to scientists from a variety of fields. These animations were used in presentations to explain the ideas and some of the challenges that come with the application of network theory to the human brain.