Example of a connectome

Connectomics is a realitvely new field in science. However, due to it's intuitive and principled nature, many research areas have started to incorporate it into their investigations. For a general overview of basic findings in the human connectome and network theory in general, please see the background section.

The field of connectomics has played a large role in my research efforts, ever since my PhD. While I will not be able to cover every investigation here, I want to take the opportunity to highlight some of the more relevant pieces of work, which I consider to have the potential of helping us understand differences due to disease.

This section can roughly be split into two aspects. First, on a more theoretical basis, my research concerned itself with the topology of brain networks and how alterations in topology can be assessed. In addition, investigating connectomics in stroke patients holds great potential. This research area cannot only inform our understanding of stroke as a global disease, but this specific population can further help us tie the network theoretical approaches back to biology, thereby ensuring that we are actually quantifying something meaningful.